Our Intelligent Rate Program Earns an A+ in Savings

Did you know that educational institutions can accept credit cards with ZERO processing fees?

OTM Payments offers a comprehensive suite of credit card processing programs – many uniquely developed to offer unmatched savings for individual niche industries. The CardX Intelligent Rate Program carries many important advantages for educational institutions.

Institutions across the country have modified operations since the COVID-19 pandemic. Consumers who once paid for services by check, now seek the convenience of online credit card payments.

To identify the best acceptance program for the institution and the consumer, it is important to understand processing fees are dependent on the type of card used for payment. There are hundreds of different card varieties, each with a different associated fee. For example, debit cards cost significantly less to accept than credit cards with extensive rewards. Many institutions choose to pass on a flat fee for processing when consumers make payments by card and while this approach may meet important economic interests for the institution, it also produces consumer affordability concerns.

There is a better solution. The Intelligent Rate Program improves on the flat-rate service fee model. Varying cards are priced at their individual costs so consumers who use low-cost cards absorb a lower fee. The patent-pending technology calculates the cost of the card the consumer chooses in real-time, as the consumer types their card information within the payment page itself. Instead of charging a flat rate, this program automatically prices the service fee in the proportion to what each transaction will actually cost.

This means educational institutions can accept debit and credit cards at NO COST and consumers pay as little as 0.75% as a service fee. Fully compliant with the card brands, this program is 100% free to municipalties and educational institutions, carrying only a month-to-month contract.

Through customized and technology-driven processing solutions, we are here to help our clients make important and meaningful decisions when it comes to accepting credit cards. To learn more about the Intelligent Rate Program and how we can help, please call us at 732-230-7700 or email [email protected]


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