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A new year means new opportunities and new ways of thinking. For businesses, this should include lowering operational costs. As the digital age advances, electronic payment processing is evolving and for business owners struggling to bounce back after the 2020 pandemic, these changes come at just the right time. Did you know that you can now accept credit cards and pay zero fees on those transactions? This is a real game changer. Businesses large and small, from nearly every industry, are realizing truly meaningful savings – trimming hundreds, even thousands, of dollars each month.

One of those businesses is an Italian grocery and specialty store located in south NJ. By transitioning this client from a traditional processing platform to the OTM Payments’ CardX Program, the business was able to keep 100% of every credit card transaction. This card-brand-sanctioned, fully compliant program has made quite positive impact for this business. Let’s look at some of the numbers.

THE MERCHANT: Italian grocery and specialty store

OBJECTIVE: Conduct a side-by-side analysis to identify areas for cost savings.

Monthly Volume: $136,875.94

58.39% Monthly Savings Provided by OTM Payments

$1,576.77 Monthly Savings

$18,921.24 Annual Savings

“Every business owner knows the importance of continually evaluating costs. That includes accepting credit cards. No longer are the fees associated with accepting credit cards just ‘the cost of doing business.’ OTM Payments illustrated incredible cost-savings and made the transition quick and simple. It really was a no brainer.” – Italian grocery and specialty store owner

How much could your business save? It’s easy to find out! Our customized and technology-driven processing solutions are unique and tailored for every business. We are ready to help you make important and meaningful decisions when it comes to accepting credit cards.

Contact us today for a no-obligation, side-by-side analysis against your current provider and learn more about this zero-fee program. (732) 230-7702 or [email protected].


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