No-Fee Processing

Our surcharge processing program, powered by CardX, will make a huge cost-saving impact on your business. Merchants of all sizes and from virtually every industry are saving thousands – even tens of thousands – of dollars annually. Our fully compliant surcharge program is sanctioned by the card brands and state regulators. Now, when a customer chooses to pay for your products and services with a credit card, your business can pass on the fee to them using our state-of-the-art equipment or online software. Payments made with debit cards are not eligible for this program and carry low, competitive rates.

The CardX solution can be used with in-person, card-present sales through our innovative smart terminal. Merchants accepting MOTO payments can do so from a web browser with no software installation required. Lightbox enables customers to pay securely via a merchant’s website.

With just a few of the business’ supporting documents, merchants are typically up and running in just a few business days.


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